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Advent eLearning | K80 Technologies
ASP.NET C# MVC Web Application and Platform

Project Description’s Advent eLearning is an internet-based system that offers a series of online education programs allowing prosecutors, probation officers and pre-trial professionals to divert qualified defendants into a positive prevention experience…offering a behavior-changing alternative to punishment. For prosecutors, it provides a valuable alternative to prosecution and clears your docket of many nuisance offenses. For probation officers, it provides a positive learning experience that helps reduce recidivism. And for pre-trial professionals, it gives innocent-until-proven-guilty defendants an evidence-based way to avoid jail prior to trial.

Agencies utilizing have a powerful solution to an everyday struggle. It allows them to truly manage the participants by keeping a history of their assignments and monitoring their progress. Advent eLearning’s community service module can coordinate reporting between agency administrative users and the selected community group to electronically verify compliance and completion of the required assignment. Advent eLearning's robust reporting gives agencies a clear view of the success of their program.

Solution was implemented using the Model-View-Controller architecture and written in C#. It interfaces with the back-end database via a separate domain model project based on Microsoft's Entity Framework. A repository class in the domain model exposes essential functionality to other solution projects. The main web UI project is structured with streamlined controller classes. "Heavy lifting" is done by service classes.
Other technologies used in this solution are:

  • Ninject for dependency injection.
  • NUnit for unit testing.
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • JSON for interactive forms

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