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Donan Storm Tracker

Donan Storm Tracker | K80 Technologies
.NET WPF Development Project

<p>Storm data was provided by two different vendors for a hail storm that occurred in Knoxville, TN. Claims and contracting data was supplied by Donan and their insurance partner/clients. Storm data was provided as KML/KMZ (Key-hole Markup Language) and defined the hail storm event by layers of ‘intensity’ measured by size of hail. These layers were read by the application to created discrete, color-coded map layers. Each layer was displayed as a map overlay, and could be displayed or hidden as a group or individually</p>
<p>All ground based data was color coded and grouped by category. The ground information was provided as a set of ground based addresses representing homes for which:</p>
<li>Donan had been contracted to do a forensic engineering investigation</li>
<li>One of several insurance partners had received a damage claim within the general storm area</li>
<li>One of several roofing contractor vendors had performed work</li>
<p>A database schema was designed and created to provide for a relational dataset that aggregated all the data over a period of 6 months. All storm and ground data was imported in the database and exposed via .Net Entity Framework to the prototype application which was designed as a 32/64 bit WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) app.</p>

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