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asp.Net, MVC, SQL, Anlysis Services is a hyper-local, hyper-relational data resource of the most influential people and organizations in the Louisville market and how they are interconnected.  It is the result of over a 15 month development effort to take the client’s initial business proposition from concept to reality.

Public-facing Web Application:

 It allows subscription-based users access to ability to:

  • Unlock local relationships with access to 4,000 unique profiles about the people and organizations at the nexus of the community.
  • Watch and participate in the growth of Insider 502 which is constantly growing the amount of profiles and updating current data.
  • Submit their own Insider 502 profile.
  • Submit suggested updates on any profile.
  • Be the first to see in-depth reports on Insider 502 data.

Private Database Repository, Administration and Reporting Application:

The underlying platform driving consists of a massively relational datawarehouse of profiles, each of which consists of hundreds of individual sourced and validated datapoints.  Profile data is gathered, updated and managed by professional data-curators utilizing a custom designed, cloud-based curation management console application.  Additionally, crowd-sourced profile data can be submitted by users and queued for vetting before being added to the data repository.  Profile scoring and ranking tasks are automated and utilize a proprietary organic algorithm that continually evolves over time as new datapoints are added and edited.

Profile reporting and data-mining tasks are handled by a custom multidimensional reporting tool leveraging the power of Analysis Services, and can allow for a very granular analysis of the underlying data to identify emerging trends, novel relationships, and targete/quantified answers to questions of interest regarding local shakers-and-movers, along with businesses and organizations.

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